About Us

13620051_667418933409235_478239616596996652_nWW2 In Colour was formed in 2014 with the idea that like minded historians could work together to help re-create `The War Years`.

We specialise in multiple impressions of Allied and Axis fighting units keep the memories alive of the brave soldiers on all sides who gave up their lives or were left with injuries whether physical, mental or both. We hope we honour them by keeping their sacrifice alive.

We are a totally non political society and we want to keep it that way. We are always looking for new people to join us who have a passion for history especially WW2.

There have been opportunities to do some film and TV work, Some of our members have been filming as Napoleonic ‘British’ and ‘French’ soldiers which includes being trained on black powder muskets, correct drill and firing them. Some have been acting as other periods which have included Medieval and Tudor.

We are not just a WW2 group we like to keep things interesting. We are a family of friends that enjoy history and socialising.

All our members are trained in the safe handing and operation of live firearms as part of their initial training. We attend between 7 and 10 organised show events a year up and down the country plus there are opportunities to travel abroad to specialist events. It does not matter where you live we meet at the events.

The ‘Hobby’ can be expensive at the start with the outlay of the uniform and equipment but the group have a certain amount of spare uniforms to help you decide whether it is `for you` before you spend your money. Annual membership is £30.00 which also includes Third party Liability Insurance with AFRA (All Fronts Re-enactment Association). Everyone must have current insurance to be part of this society.

There are many questions that probably still need to be answered so this is better dealt with on the telephone after application.