Interactive Displays

WW2 in Colour Living History Group specialise in public interactive displays for the education and entertainment of the paying public. Our unique brand of Theatrical re-enactment means our actors put on a display that is like a show or film scene. We are the actors and you the visitors to our display become the extras, together we recreate educational history of WW2. An experience not to be missed. All displays which do include German Soldiers are done in very good taste and there are no political intentions, just education and history.


Current displays available are:


11986325_10153266007741339_8440061417134546171_nSOE & Commando Training School

Child Friendly and Adults welcome.

Launched for the 2015 Season, the SOE & Commando Training School is an interactive experience that gives you your chance to train as an overseas operative (spy) as part of the United Kingdom’s Special Operations Executive of elite Commando forces.

Complete the Commando assault course, get trained on Allied and Axis weapons, plus other realistic tasks that every potential recruit would have undertaken to help prepare you to do your duty for King and Country.

Alongside training for the field, you will also learn about the history of SOE. The organisation directly employed or controlled just over 13,000 people, about 3,200 of whom were women and suffered from a casualty rate as high as 1 in 4 in some areas.



THE GREAT ESCAPE POW EXPERIENCE14292307_702416039909524_2730744952430735447_n

Ever thought what it would have been like to be an Allied serviceman in one of the many Prisoner of War camps across Europe in World War 2?

The Great Escape POW Experience can put you in the shoes of a Prisoner of War and give you an insight of the life, fear and the need to escape to get home. This is an educational experience that is a flashback in the life of many brave men captured fighting for freedom.

This experience is 100% public interactive (meaning you will become a prisoner) and does involve some physical tasks.